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The Middlebrook family lived in the areas of Batley, Gildersome, Bristol and Morley just outside of Leeds in Yorkshire England. In the last century, the Middlebrooks were tradespeople-butchers, shopkeepers, wheelwrights, and some were clothes manufacturers. The furthest back in the Middlebrook line we have been able to get is my 9th great grandfather Micheal Middlebrook (bef. 1580-1616).

After Michael is Matthew who married Mary Bookson in 1637. My 7th Great Grandfather is John Middlebrook who married Susan Bingley on November 22, 1671. My 6th Great Grandfather is Matthew Middlebrook who married Elizabeth Coups on December 13, 1704. Next in line is George Middlebrook who married Elizabeth Brooke on August 24, 1748. My 4th G-Grandfather is also George who married Ann Jowett on December 2, 1782.

Finally the Middlebrooks come to Canada. The earliest record of Middlebrooks in Canada is my G-G-G Grandfather John Middlebrook (1794-1863), who was born in England and came to Canada in 1818. He married Hannah Harper (1804-1888) on May 22, 1822 in Markham Ontario and lived in Etobicoke, York County. They lived on a farm in Richview, Ontario and built their house out of brick, which they made themselves as well. The reason for this is that bricks were $2 for a thousand...a steep price indeed. The village of Richview, where they lived, was originally known as Union or Kit's corners, and it's believed the first settlers in the district arrived from England around 1797. The Middlebrook farm dates back to the crown, although they didn't build their brick house until the 1850"s.

On April 19, 1888, William and Sarah Knaggs sold some land for $1.00 and the Union Church was built. The church even had a band....with uniforms! Later on, a new red church was built, and the Union Church was renamed Richview Methodist Church. At the time, John Middlebrook was one of the trustees for the church, but since there were so many kids in the family named John, I'm not sure which one it was. In 1959, the church had its final service because Highways were being built around it, and a new church opened in 1962 at the corner of Eringate and Wellesworth Drives. The cornerstone from the 1888 church was built into the new one.

From all the material I've read, it appears most people back then believed very strongly in church, and I know that John and Hannah were no exeption. They had 11 kids all born at that farm and eventually the whole family, save for one son (George) moved to Simcoe County and settled in Sunnidale Twp. In 1862, John was killed in Simcoe County when a tree fell on him. His body was shipped back to Etobicoke (Richview) by train and he was buried on New Years Day 1863. His wife Hannah spent the rest of her life living with different sons until she died in 1888 at the age of 84. She is buried in Glencairn Cemetery (Simcoe County) with one of her sons. John and Hannah's children are: William, George, Joshua, Mary Anne, Joseph, Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Harper, Edward, and Hannah "Anne"Jane.

big john

NAME: John Middlebrook Annie Middlebrook (nee Adair)
BIRTH PLACE: York County (Ontario) Unknown
CAUSE OF DEATH: Old age, weak heart Uremic coma; chronics Bright's Disease
DURATION OF ILLNESS: 1 year 5 years
OCCUPATION: Labourer, widower Housewife

John and Annie Middlebrook are my great, great grandparents. They lived in Sunnidale, Simcoe County. The above information was taken directly from the death records for John and Annie.
On the 1871 census, John's occupation is listed as a Teamster, but Annie was most interesting. Annie, as well as other Middlebrook women in the family, supplemented the family income by knitting. On the 1871 census, many of these women were listed on a separate form as operating their own businesses. Annie was listed as the only employee for her business, and in 1871 she bought 8 lbs. of wool for $6. She made 30 pairs of socks and earned the hefty amount of $15. Later in the year she bought another 14 lbs. of wool for $10 and made 47 pairs of socks and mitts. For this, Annie brought in another $20...Times were good! It doesn't stop there for Annie. Other talents include midwifery. Apart from delivering all her own kids she delivered many of her nieces and nephews. Their kids are: Harper, John James, Margaret, William, Charlotte, Joseph, Henry, Laura, Bert and Maude (Bert and Maude were twins).


NAME: Harper Middlebrook Hannah Middlebrook
DATE OF BIRTH: 1864 1869 (date on headstone is incorrect)
PLACE OF BIRTHSimcoe County Morrison Twp.
PLACE OF DEATH: Hekkla, Ontario Hekkla, Ontario
OCCUPATION:Owned a sawmill; farmer Farmer's wife (and a darn good one too!)
CHILDREN:Annie, Ellen, Laura, Harper, Johnny, Margaret, Frank, Sam, Maude, Cecil, Roy, Fanny, Ralph, Percy, Harvey see column one :)

These are my Great Grandparents. They eventually moved from Simcoe county to Muskoka. In 1901, Harper received a Land Patent for Lots 7 and 10, Con. 4 in Cardwell County Muskoka. On Lot 7, Harper built a house and on Lot 10 he built a sawmill. The Mill produced rough lumber which was sold locally, and it put out between 7000-8000 feet of lumber per day. There was a cook house and a bunk house on the site and the men worked from sun-up to sundown. After Harper's death in 1939, his son Harper Jr. took over the Mill but it only operated for another year or so. Harper Sr. also built the SS #4 Cardwell schoolhouse in 1896. To this day, it is still standing and is being used as a house.
What can we say about Hannah. She was a tireless worker having to look after 15 kids. Hard to imagine, but she was a very easy going, pleasant lady even after scrubbing floors, making meals, churning butter and knitting from sun up to sun down everyday.

stoneEdna's mom

The tombstone above marks my grandparent's grave. The photo on the right is my wife's grandmother Fanny and a friend of hers kidding around at Shannon Hall in Hekkla Ontario. Fanny, the daughter of Harper and Hannah, married Archie Todd on Dec. 24, 1924. Archie was a kind and gentle man who had a way with animals, so naturally one of the jobs he had was as a teamster, which meant he was in charge of the horses that were used to haul logs. Fanny worked as a cook in her father's sawmill, and when she was still quite young she was stricken with M.S. which was virtually unheard of back then. Archie and Fanny had 5 daughters: Jeanne, Betty, Jessie, Edna and Audrey.

The below indentures involve various Middlebrooks' as well as over 30 other surnames.

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Land Indenture 1806 Land Indenture 1824
Land Indenture 1824 (January) Harper's Land Indenture
John's Land Indenture Land Indenture 1717

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